Hello, and Welcome.

At Cool Party Elements, we are happy to provide unique products that help create the most memorable events.


Our niche is Customization.

We Specialize in adding a true Custom Touch to upcoming Events, seeking to be set apart from all the rest!

Our most popular products are custom created papier-mâché piñatas, and party decor. We hand craft all our piñata creations using 100% papier-mâché, not cardboard, like the generic ones found at stores;  

which by the way, Never seem to Break!

So whether you are looking for a way to set your party apart from all the rest, or just in need of something to make your event a “Big hit”, we can help add that sweet uniqueness to your next event.

Take a look around our site and see some of what we’ve created.

 Imagine what we can do for you and your upcoming event.

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