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About our Piñata Art







We create uniquely detailed custom piñata art, and have been doing so for over 10 years.


Who we are:

Creative individuals who love getting their hands into all sorts of artistic mediums.


What Makes our Piñata Art Different:

We love creating safe, fun, unique piñata art creations that look so cool you might think twice before wanting to break them. But just as gorgeous custom cakes are indulged in, our art is no different. :)

Every creation we make is designed with great attention to detail, so that the end result is spot-on!

Why papier-mâché:

Working with papier-mâché, our piñata art has expanded to centerpieces even card box structures.

We hand craft all our piñata art using 100% papier-mâché, not cardboard.

Many piñatas are created from cardboard, and as a result... they never seem to break open!


So whether you are looking for a way to set your party apart from all the rest, or just in need of some inspiration, we are glad you stopped by.

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