Frequently asked questions about Custom Pinatas:

How big are your custom piñatas?

Each piñata slightly varies due to the hand-crafted nature of the product. Most custom piñatas that we create are anywhere between 35"-50" in circumference but are based upon the proportions of the design. Your piñata will be somewhere in between these dimensions. We typically wouldn't recommend going any larger than this, due to shipping costs and when it comes to stuffing goodies in the piñata it becomes overly heavy.

Can you increase the strength of a custom piñata?

We sure can, we are able to add in an extra layer during production to increase the strength of your piñata. Something to keep in mind though, if you are having varied ages of partygoers, some will be able to "whack" harder then others. Some kids depending on age, just "tap" the piñata with the buster stick. They are just happy to get a turn. This is where the older partygoers really help out.

Will everyone get a turn at the piñata?

If you plan on having a lot of partygoers, We can always customize the piñata with an extra layer(s), just to ensure everyone gets a "whack”. Depending on how many participants you anticipate, typically we recommend that each participant gets 2 swings, then hands off the buster stick to next partygoer in line, this usually works out great. From our experience, for a party of 15-20 kids, each swinging 2 times, is about the time it takes the piñata to be ready to rain down with goodies. Once there, either the birthday child gets the honor, or sometimes there is an adult just itching to get a swing in. This is quite fun, be sure to get your camera ready!

Does the piñata come candy filled?

Piñatas DO NOT come candy filled, but we know good places to recommend.

What is the Best way to play the piñata game?

As with most activities adult supervision is common sense to be present during the piñata game. We also think that a blindfolded child stumbling around trying to find the piñata all the while swinging a bat/ stick at anything in their way is DANGEROUS! That’s why we encourage a more structured piñata game play. We want everyone to be safe, have fun and enjoy. Read Below for Safety Tips.

What are the Best Pinata Game Safety Tips?

We recommend using baby powder to draw some game lines and boundaries on the ground for safety.

1.) Define a hitting zone; which would be a big circular area on the ground below where the piñata will hang from above. Roughly 6-8 feet around. Only One person can be at the hitting zone AT ALL Times.

2.) Next, define two parallel straight lines (10-12 feet) on the ground. One will be waiting to hit line, other will be waiting for pinata goodies.

3.) If you are blind folding your participants, Be Clear that they are NOT to walk about. They must Stand in place and swing 1-2 times. Crowd can help count aloud.

4.) Once swings are complete, partygoer is to set down buster stick and remove blindfold. They can then grab their lootbag and stand in the waiting for goodies line.

5.) Next partygoer waiting on hit line, can step into Hitting Zone and get prepared to take their turn in same fashion.

If you set up clear instruction and boundaries from the start of the game, You are sure to have a safer outcome. You may even want to make the participants repeat back the allotted number of swings and other important directions. Stay alert and be ready to give loud instruction, as these pinata games can get pretty exciting.

Should I stuff goodies into the piñata as soon as the party starts?

We would recommend stuffing the piñata with goodies right before it is piñata game time and not sooner. If you plan on using it as a decoration, then do so with the piñata empty. Stuffing it before and hanging it up, may cause the inner string to become weakened. It should only take five minutes or so to stuff the goodies inside. It is a good idea to ask one of the adults to take the piñata to a back room where they can stuff all the goodies inside. In the meantime get the piñata participants rounded up and briefed on the rules of the piñata game.

Is there anything that I shouldn’t put inside the piñata?

Yes, we have a list of items that are not safe to put inside the piñata. These items could break and become airborn during piñata play.

Never put:

  • pencils, pens, markers

  • glass bottles like nail polish

  • liquid bottles like bubbles

  • fragile items like chip bags, cookie bags

  • hard Plastic toys that can shatter or splinter

  • we know it may be hard, but we recommend to stay away from chocolate candy fillers allso, due to melting.