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Our Piñata Art & Corporate Events

We have had some cool opportunities to customize for Corporate/ Company Events.

Some of our creations have been to custom create Mascots, Products, Logos and even CEO's. 

Imagine what we will create next.

HCSB Bank - Giant Piggy Banks

We had so much fun creating these two giant piñata art creations.

These Giant Piggy banks were commissioned for "Bring your kid to work day".

Customization & Details included:

  • Giant Money 

  • Confetti stuffed in feet and snout.

  • Papier-mâché & Tissue Paper​

Phillies Phantic Mascot Piñata Art Card Box

Phillie Phantic is one of the most beloved and well known mascots in baseball.

That's why we were excited to customize this oversized card box created for a Phillie Phantic wedding party. 

Customization & Details included:

  • Posable Tongue

  • Cards can be inserted in back of jersey

  • Built in retrieval card area

  • Wearing custom Phillies jersey

  • Papier-mâché, Tissue Paper, Cardboard

 Raytheon Missile Piñata Art

It's not everyday you get to customize for a Corporate Raytheon event...

So we created this Missile piñata decoration with amazing detail to the real thing.

For this event they chose to not break the piñata, but instead use as decor and as a raffle prize.

Customization & Details included:

  • Papier-mache, Tissue Paper, Cardboard

  • Metallic details, screws, buttons

  • Markings and Labels true to product

Bucky Badger Custom Piñata

This University of Wisconsin Mascot Piñata custom created with amazing details

Customization & details included:

  • Ears & Snout filled with Team Color confetti

  • Papier-mache & Tissue Paper

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