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Portfolio of Piñata Art!


Take a look at all the Amazing Piñata Art we have had the opportunity to create. Please note, We do not have any of our piñata are pre-made for sale. Every creation is custom made from start to finish.

The images you see below are that of past custom orders and commissions. 

Want to submit a custom order request?

As of right now we are not accepting any orders for commissioned works.

We do have a goal to open that up in the future though, Won't you join us in reaching this goal.

Become a Patron & help us reach our goals.
@ 500 Patrons☞ - We can hire on hands to assist in opening up our bookings to take on a limited number of commissions.

 How our Piñata Art Commissions will work
We don't know exactly know how many commissions we will be opening up. This will be something we will determine as our Patreon base grows and we will keep you posted once we iron out the details.♡

Character Pinatas


Gamer Pinatas
Extra Large

Submit a headshot and we can customize a caricature piñata resembling your headshot.

There are all sorts of events that a caricature pinata could be the "hit" of the party.

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