Papier mâché -vs- Card board

Have you ever bought a piñata from the party store, and been disappointed because come party time it just wouldn’t break open. Well the reason for this is because they are made from corrugated card board. Yep, that’s right, the same corrugated cardboard that moving boxes are made from. As if that is not a hard enough material to break through, the shape of the generic piñata takes on its form by spliced cardboard angles on the interior of the piñata, which act as a reinforcement to the entire piñata.

Let's compare from the inside out, our custom pinata creations versus a generic store bought pinata.

Piñata on the Left
Piñata on the Right

The pinata on the left is one of our custom pinata creations made from papier-mache, which is made to break and not frustrate your party guests. Even better, you won't have to jump in with a knife to cut open and retrieve goodies. Face it, no one should have to see their beloved character pinata go out with a big kitchen knife to the head. :)

The pinata on the Right is a generic party store pinata made from corrugated cardboard and reinforced angles which makes for strong and durable,

Not Breakable!

Now for any other product, you would pick strong and durable. This however is not what you want for your party piñata. You want it to be fun, coordinating, and most importantly breakable. That’s why we only create our piñatas using 100% papier-mâché; not cardboard. 

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